About Me

I was born and raised on PEI.  Summerside is now my home where my 4 children will grow up.  I met my wife who moved to PEI from out of province and she loves the way of life here. 
I have worked countless jobs leading up to my real estate career in 2012.  I've been in the potato fields and warehouses, I've been a fisherman of lobsters, mussels, oysters and quahogs.  I've helped build houses for neighbors and family and was also hired as a laborer.  I worked in Government, aerospace and many other small jobs within my community.
Heading out West is also on my resume working in the oilfield industry in Alberta and British Columbia.
Becoming a realtor is by far the best career move I have made.  I aim to please and know what to look for in a home.  You can rest assure that I will be looking out for your well being.  
I would be thrilled to meet with you and to talk real estate, among other things.
PEI is the best place to be.  

Languages: English / Anglais